tires lose

There’s nothing more angering than opening your garage just to find out that your tires lose air and are completely worn out and deflated. Thousands of people face this issue and wonder what the problem could be. Well, PSI loss is a very common issue that has been plaguing car owners for years. In many cases, temperature changes are the main reasons behind decreased PSI in your tires and merely pumping some air can resolve the problem.

However, there could be plenty of other causes behind your tire’s pressure loss, and that is precisely what we will be discussing in this piece.

Damage in Tire Beads

In many cases, a defective sealing surface present between the tire can and wheel could be the reason behind tire damage and pressure loss. Sometimes this could be because of wheel corrosion, while on others, it could be due to excessive debris inside the sealing gap. Whenever things like this happen, your tire becomes visibly deflated. A broken seal could also be the reason behind poor elasticity and diminished rubber quality.

Whatever the case, tire damage can be quite costly and it would be best to keep them in check before there is no other option but to replace them.

Curbs or Potholes

No matter where you’re from, you are bound to find potholes or curbs somewhere or the other. Some of them may not affect your tires that much, but others will deflate them right away. Hitting a curb, especially a damaged one can ruin your tire’s sidewalls, resulting in pressure loss each time. Sure, you can refill your tires whenever you want, but it’s also important to steer clear from these common issues.

That said, it would also help if you looked for signs of damage as soon as you hit a curb or pot hole. These could include things like bulging sidewall, poor sealing, or even slashes. If you are having a hard time finding out the reason why your tire is losing air, it would be best to get in touch with a professional tire repair service to resolve your issue.

Tires lose air from Tread Puncture

Merely running your vehicle over a sharp object or nail can severely puncture your tire’s tread and its inner liner, causing significant air loss. Some of the nails can stay in a straight line without having an affect on the PSI. However, it would be best to remove it as not doing so could cause your tire to become flat or even lead to tread separation.

In cases like these, using a patch or tire plug, along with a sealant and repair kit could come in quite handy.

Every car owner should prioritize tire maintenance and one of the best things to do it would be to use a tire pressure monitoring system. Why? Because it is incredibly accurate and can help you stay updated about your tires condition, ensuring you can prevent long term damage.