As you turn on the air conditioner, there are several things you will be able to notice right away. One of the first things is if it blows out cool air or warm air. If it is warm, give it a couple minutes. If it still continues to blow warm air, then you will want to make sure to contact us. There could be an issue with the air conditioner. We can inspect and test it for any issues that it might have. You can also notice if the vent is blowing out fresh air, or if there is an odd odor to it. Any smell out of the norm should be looked at. This could mean a part has an issue or might be wearing against another part.


After you turn on the air conditioner, you will want to give it a little while to start blowing cool air after not being in use. Another issue with any odd smells from the vent could be a poor cabin filter. The cabin filter will help ensure that fresh air enters the entire of your vehicle. If the filter is clogged, it will no longer be able to operate efficiently. Over time, the filter will become dirty and clogged. This is why regular maintenance is important so that we can inspect the vehicle bumper to bumper. You will also want to follow the recommended maintenance schedules for your vehicle.


If you notice that a setting on the air conditioner is not working like it once had been, contact us. A fan speed setting may have gone out. You will want to have us inspect and repair it. Doing so will help the vehicle to provide you with nice cool air this summer. This will help to make your travels comfortable and enjoyable for you and your passengers.