The Vehicle Pulls to one side

If the car pulls in one direction as you drive, it could be the tires. When you drive, ideally the steering wheel should be centered, as you drive straight. If you start to notice the vehicle veering off to one side, there could be an issue. There is also an issue if you have to turn the steering wheel so it is no longer straight, as you drive straight ahead. Several things can cause the vehicle to pull in one direction. If there is an issue with the brakes, you will notice this as you apply the brakes on the vehicle. This can be a sudden jerk or pull in a specific direction or either direction. The brakes are needed for your vehicle, so make sure to schedule an appointment if you notice this problem.

Low air pressure

Another common reason why the vehicle pulls could be if the tires are under inflated on the one side. If the vehicle pulls to the left, then the left tire may have less air than it should. The vehicle could slowly drift to the side, or it can pull suddenly. Make sure to check both tires on the side it is pulling to, and that they are properly inflated. If a tire is low, often, bring it in so we can inspect it for any damage or anything out of the norm.

Poor tire alignment can cause the vehicle to pull in a direction as well. If the tires are not straight, then the vehicle will pull to where they are pointed to. Having the tires properly aligned and rotated will help them to wear correctly. It will also help prolong the life of them. With properly aligned tires, you will also notice the vehicle is easier to drive, as well as a very comfortable ride on the road as you drive.