Wheel alignment is a crucial part of automotive maintenance, and it involves adjusting the angles of each wheel from its axle. It is highly important to get your wheel alignment checked at least once a year, and the best time to do this is right after the winters, because that is when your tires have to do the most work.

In the winters, the roads are slippery and there are a lot of uneven conditions, which can throw off your wheel alignment easily. Therefore, getting it checked by a professional is important as soon as springtime arrives. Let’s talk about some important things regarding springtime wheel alignment.

Why is Springtime Wheel Alignment Needed?

Consider this: you are driving down the highway, which has the smoothest road you can find anywhere. As you are cruising along the highway, you observe that your steering wheel isn’t straight, even though your car is moving in a straight line. Also, when you release the steering for a second, the car starts swerving to the left or right side, instead of going straight like it should.

This is caused by wheel misalignment, which occurs when all four tires aren’t pointing in the same direction. Not only does this affect your safety, but also the efficiency of your car.

What Causes Vehicles to Lose Their Wheel Alignment?

Your cars can lose their wheel alignment very easily. One of the most common causes is winter driving, i.e. slippery roads. Due to snowy conditions, roads don’t provide the same traction as they do in the summers, and this makes it difficult for your car to stay put. Also, you have to use your brakes more frequently when driving on slippery roads, which leads to misalignment.

Another cause for wheel misalignment is driving your car on a bumpy and rocky road, which is more common during winters, because there is snow everywhere and the roads are not flat anymore. When driving under such conditions, you often bump your car into potholes as well, since they are not really visible. As a consequence, your car loses its wheel alignment.

What Happens If You Keep Driving with Misaligned Tires?

The biggest consequence of not getting wheel alignment done on time is that your car’s tires will wear out much quicker than usual, and you would have to get them replaced earlier than expected. Moreover, misaligned tires also cause a lot of strain and damage to your car’s suspension and braking system. This may also mean that you will have to get everything repaired down the line, which can incur a cost of thousands of dollars.

Plus, it is extremely difficult to control your car when the wheels aren’t aligned, and this can be disastrous for both your car and your health.

This concludes our guide on springtime wheel alignment. If you understand the causes, benefits, and effects of wheel alignment, then take your car to a reliable auto repair service that provides you with complete diagnostics and repair services, so that you can prolong the life of your tires and also enjoy a smooth and safe driving experience.