Going in and testing the battery will help it be efficient and improve the dependability of it. When the colder temperatures arrive, they will cause the battery to fail quicker than the heat does. This makes starting the vehicle difficult at times. When temperatures are below zero, starting the vehicle may be almost impossible. You will want to depend on the vehicle to get you to and from your destination, so the battery is important to check. You can bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance and we can inspect the battery for you.

Proper Testing

Regular testing of the battery should be done in the fall. This can help you to be ready and prepared for the upcoming winter months. Since the cold temperatures will cause the battery to fail more often than hot temperatures, inspect it now. This way you will be prepared for the winter months when you will need to drive and depend on the vehicle. When we test it, we can help determine when a new battery would be needed. If the battery is testing low, you will be better off investing in a new battery.


If the battery is starting to fail, the vehicle may become slow or difficult to start. When the vehicle does not turn over right away, it may be from the battery. You may also notice the vehicle dies as soon as it starts. While this could also be caused by the alternator or starter, it could be from the battery as well. At the first sign of an issue, make sure to contact us. This way we can inspect it before further issues or damage can happen to the vehicle. Ignoring a problem can result in a costly repair bill, as well as an increased chance the vehicle is no longer reliable. If you are not sure, always contact us for an appointment.