The windshield wiper, back and front set, are needed in order to clear and clean the windshield of your vehicle. If they are in less than ideal condition, you will notice issues. When this happens, you will want to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible so we can inspect the vehicle for you. If the windshield wipers need to be replaced, we can change them for you. There are some noises and issues you might notice when the wipers are operating. By paying attention to these, you can help improve the visibility when you drive.

Grinding Noise

If you hear a grinding noise as your blades move across your windshield, it’s likely that the motor is making this noise. This will happen when the blade arm is attached too tightly to the wiper blade, causing the gears in the wiper blade motor to grind. If this is not checked, it can cause the wiper motor to burn out. So make sure to bring the vehicle in if you notice this noise when the windshield wipers operate. Any odd noises you hear are always a cause for concern.

Wiper with Poor Motion

When your windshield wipers rotate back and forth they should be smooth and move evenly across the glass. This allows them to remove an even amount of water from the top to the bottom of the blade. If it is loose or is beginning to fail, you may notice that the wiper blades hesitate during their operation. This could be a problem with the motor or that your wiper blades are wearing out or that the wiper blade arm is bent. Each one should be able to move freely, so make sure to notice an issue it might have.

No longer Efficient

The two blades work together to clear water, snow and debris from the windshield. When the blades move out of this sequence, it is typically either due to the motor being worn out or that the windshield wipers arm has become loose. It may be something minor like the nut that attaches the wiper arm has become loose. Sometimes it could mean that the wipers are stripped.

No Movement

An obvious indicator that the blade or motor is broken is that the blades don’t move. To determine the issue, listen and if the motor is working, but you don’t see the wiper blades moving then it’s the wiper part that is broken. This may also be attributed to the arm being stripped. It is important to fix the issue as soon as possible, so you will have better visibility when you drive.