Winter safety kits are important. In places where the snow pours down mercilessly, the driving conditions become incredibly hazardous. Therefore, it is critical to equip your car with the necessary supplies that help you avoid emergencies.

These supplies also enable you to help others that may be stuck in a bad situation. Equipping your car with the right type of supplies requires you to recognize the dangers of driving on a snowy surface, inside of a thousand pound metal box. A winter safety kit is important, no matter how far you drive.

Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter Tool

Tools that allow you to escape from the car unharmed can be critical. Snow storms can be very threatening. In some instances, they can have you stuck inside a situation where you need to instantly get out of the car and escape for your life. Other alternatives to this tool are scissors, knifes and other sharp objects.

The snowy conditions may lead to accidents where some needs to instantly escape from the car and the seatbelt is preventing them. In instances such as these, seatbelts can actually put your life in danger.

Tire Pressure Tool

It is very important to have some kind of tool that checks the tire pressure of your car. Your tires need to be in optimum condition when you are driving in the winter time. Not to mention, they are the only parts that come in contact with snowy surfaces. To keep the tire pressures in ideal states, you can also resort to using automatic pumps since they have come with a gauge.


Even though this item is not very useful in critical situations, it is still great to have shelter from excessive rain and snow, especially if you are trying to fix something on your car. You will very happy to have an extra umbrella in the car just to keep the snow and water from your clothes.

You do not want to be soaking in the winter rain as that can lead to critical health concerns. The umbrella helps protect you from the elements, making it a key component to the winter survival kit because you have to endure the weather.

Bear Spray

If stranded in the cold country side of the freeway, you need to make sure that you are safe from the wild animals lurking in the woods looking for food. Wild dogs, wolves, bears are carnivores that are known to make their way into the urban parts of town in the snowy nights.

As you can see, the above mentioned items are not ones that you would normally think about when building a winter survival kit for your car. However, they can come in handy at unthinkable moments.